Imaginative productions for children

Märchen Reloaded. Music theatre production for children

In the work Ma mère l’Oye (“Mother Goose”), Maurice Ravel musically sketches scenes from various well-known fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast, Little Thumb or Sleeping Beauty in a wonderful way. Inspired by his music and idea, the Flex Ensemble develops a participatory music theatre piece that takes its young audience on a journey through a contemporary fairytale world and discovers how exciting (chamber) music can be. The traditional stories are interpreted and told in a witty, mixed and up-to-date way; conveyed through music, drama and images. The musicians are also the actors and involve the children in the play. The stage set will be designed with video images by video artist Yoann Trellu. Director: Friederike Karig.

For children aged 5-11 (school classes and families).
Duration: 45 minutes.

Sie schaukeln hin und her, drehen sich im Kreis, klatschen und hüpfen – beim Kinderkonzert im Klostersaal am Freitagvormittag kam für die 180 Zweit- und Drittklässler im Publikum keine Langeweile auf. Die Musiker vom Flex Ensemble agierten ganz ohne Worte mit den Kindern. Nur durch Pantomime und natürlich durch Musik brachten sie den Jungen und Mädchen klassische Musik näher. In abstrakter Weise stellten die Musiker Märchen dar und unterstrichen sie mit Musik von Maurice Ravel.

Neue Presse, 15.02.2020

Children’s concert “Do you hear that?”

Whether high up in the air or deep under the sea – if you prick up your ears, you can hear it buzzing, humming and bubbling – everywhere.

With its very own “Carnival of the Animals,” the Flex Ensemble and music educator Katharina Höhne invite children and their families to a special participatory concert. Between wild-smelling flowers and dense hedges, not only native bipeds and quadrupeds shall cavort, but also strange exotics! A very lazy sloth, they say, a proud flamingo and who knows who else… And because our ensemble is not only musical but also curious, it packs its backpacks while still on stage and takes its audience on an exciting walk through the garden. Because with the music composed especially for this adventure by Gordon Kampe, they might manage to lure sloth, flamingo & co out of their hiding place!

A musical afternoon in the middle of nature – to listen, participate and discover.

For children from 5 years.

Composition workshop #myvariation

#myvariation is an interactive workshop that introduces youth to classical and new music by putting them in the role of composer. In five sessions of work, students explore the complexities of the creative process as they work toward the goal of composing, performing, and recording their own new variations on a theme by Beethoven. These sessions will be facilitated by Flex Ensemble and composer Gordon Williamson.

The project is designed for youth/students ages 12-18.

Music in school

Musical Painting with Miró / Art and Music

The four musicians of the Flex Ensemble play parts of a piano quartet by the American composer Stephen Hartke. A work composed in 1988 with a surrealistic variety of colours and styles ranging from Gregorian to jazz with very exciting effects and playing techniques. The individual movements are named after paintings by Joan Miró. The students listen and draw what they hear and feel at the same time. The imagination is limitless! Later, Miró’s pictures and titles are shown and so the play is replayed through the students’ drawings. How does it look now?

Target group: From 1st grade
Duration: 45 minutes

Experience Concert Fiona Colour

The exciting story of “Fiona Farbe” with wondrous pictures by Margriet Leemans is projected image by image onto a screen and told with stirring acting and music. The four musicians of the Flex Ensemble interact with the children and let them experience up close what exciting sounds can be produced with their instruments piano, violin, cello and viola. This even allows the children to dance and sing along if they feel like it. The combination of art and music stimulates the imagination and promotes emotional development. The children experience empathy through the story and learn to perceive feelings and solve problems. A firework of imagination!

Target group: Children from 3 to 9 years
Duration: 35 minutes

The color monster

The story of the Color Monster by art therapist Anna Lenas helps children name and assign emotions. Musical and acting illustrations of emotions with beautiful costumes by Natalia Koperkiewicz and Margriet Leemans stimulate emotional development and convey the joy of listening to music. Students learn to name their feelings while associating them with the timbres of different instruments.

Target group: 1st and 2nd grade
Duration: 35 minutes

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