Do you play violin, viola, cello or piano? Do you play in an ensemble? During CMFR 2016, the reknown musicians of the Flex Ensemble will be there to supply you with tips and tricks. This course is for all interested amatuer musicians that play chamber music with friends and family on a regular basis. There is no agelimit. A basic technical level, enthusiasm and regular practice are necessary to join the course. It’s possible to take private instrumental lessons (violin, cello, viola and piano) and/or chamber music lessons.

A special concert will be organised where the participants will have the chance to perform.

  • Courses are offered from the 28th of May till the 3rd of June 2016 in Nieder-Olm. Depending on the applications, the times for the courses (60 min.) can be chosen. As well as which pieces will be worked on.
  • Costs are depending on the amount of the courses. Every course is 60 min. Private instrumental cours: €40,00. Ensembles up to quartets: €60,00. From quintets: €75,00
  • Participants of these courses will get reduced tickets to the Festival concerts. (These concerts will take place 3rd, 4th and 5th of June in Nieder-Olm, Mainz and Sörgenloch.)